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Effective hygiene measures contribute to the good health of your animals and to a better quality of your end products. We highly value prevention in order to safeguard economical efficiency.

Whether it concerns the well-being of your animals, the processing of products or the general hygiene of your stables, greeneries, water management or machine park, prevention is always better than cure!

As a manufacturer and supplier of qualitative cleaning products and disinfectants, Nerta continuously invests in research and development in order to meet the ever changing environmental conditions and regulations. Nerta does not only want to be a product supplier but also wants to profile itself as a partner in your overall cleaning process.

Hygiene is the driving force behind each prosperous farm.

Nerta offers you a broad range of cleaning products that will help you to clean your stables, calf hutches, mangers, walls and floors, hallways, etc.

We actively help reducing the risk of infection in all areas of the agro-industry.

Nerta has developed an extensive range of products in order to guarantee a consistent quality of your dairy products.

Nerta contributes to the general hygiene and cleaning of the on-site installations for the processing of your farm products.

We preventively reduce the risk of infection through our product line dedicated to the general care and hygiene of your animals.

"innovation is a constant state of mind at nerta."